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equipment data sheets

I have more than eleven years of utility engineering experience with petrochemical plant processing and system design. Design experiences include PFD, P&IDs, equipment data sheets, instrument data sheets, estimate support, hydraulic calculation, relief device sizing, heat and material balances, as well as continuous process optimization. I have one year field experience involving field design clarification, field engineering through to commissioning, startup. I am familiar with International & China national design code &Wedding Favor Ideas specification, familiar with the principles and procedures of project and process engineering, as well as the control and integration of activities associated with design and construction projects. I am familiar with the use of process design tools.After more than eleven years working in several projects as a Utility Engineer, I accumulated solid experience in the field of industry water and wastewater treatment, and have good understanding with cooling water system, demineralized water system, reverse osmosis system http://duc.digidesign.com , potable water system, water supply and drainage system, wastewater treatment system and fire fighting system etc.More than 10 years rich sourcing & management experience in souring industry. with MBA professional diploma; working in global top company as sourcing manager position; overall analysis & problem solution ability, strong market sense, excellent negotiation & communication abilityDelicate Wedding favors , good team management & team work spirit.Rich experienced in sourcing, product and negotiation skillhttp://foroimagenio.com ;Good personal integrity and responsibility;Good management skill,communication and coordination skill;http://council.smallwarsjournal.com
Good Supplier Chain Management and Supplier Management;I have been Hospitality Industary for more than 10 years. Very familiar with the Front Offic New Ideas On Wedding Favors e Operation, Training Operation and Reservation Operation. And experienced in new hotel opening, and Opera System New Ideas on Wedding Favors Configuration.German MBA, Senior Sales and Marketing director & AP chief Representative :16+years working in fine chemicals /automotive/plastics industries http://www.cyclingforums.com: 8+years of international management experience
Solid and strong sales management leader; director of key distribution networks; Quick learner: Rich experience and market knowledge in plastics and automotive industries.Gold sales record
Open-minded, self-discipline, enthusiastic and results-oriented http://forums.chiefmarketer.com

team-spirit is more emphasized

A self-motivated person who managed to obtain two masters within one year. Reliable, numerate and analytical. Able to work on http://www.coolaler.com own initiative or as part of a team and can take responsibilities. Able to work under pressure and can think out of the picture. A quick learner with strong learning ability. Unique And Stylish Wedding Favors Have strong ability to adapt to different working environments. Strong interests in Financehttp://www.race-dezert.com/forum, Economics, Management and trade related jobs. I am eager to learn more things and to learn it well. Also I am easy going, Wedding Favor Ideas enjoying communication with others. For my attitude towards the work, team-spirit is more emphasized and I would like to confront pressures and different challenges.English Skill: Wedding Wear for Kids
  Pass the examination of CET6 http://www.suicidegrief.com .The English communication skill is strong. Can use the Internet to seek English materials and translate them when needed. My spoken language is good, as working in an American company, I often communicate with foreign employee and our formal letter must be written in English. http://www.gearthhacks.com/forums
Computer Skill:  I can use Windows system and various inds of application software, such as Microsoft Office and know lots of high level skills of this software. I can erect the LAN in Windows system. Romantic Wedding Chocolates
I know the structure of mainframe computer,have the knowledge of the UNIX system,SAN, NAS,high performance calculation. I’m familiar with the high http://forums.caranddriver.comlevel server and storage products of HP, know their structure, the one-up technology and the competitive way.
Passed Cisco CCNA and CCNP certification.Program Skill:
I can use VB, VC and EXCEL VBA skillfully. During the half past year I have finished more than 10 programs for my department. These programs are highly promoted my colleague’s working efficiency and I get the E-Award simultaneously for my special contributes.more than eleven years of utility engineering (water system) experience with petrochemical plant processing and system design.

I am a hands-on professional

1. Master degree of business administration.2. Bachelor degree of mechanical & auto control, over 10 years manager level in multinational company.3. Perfect knowledge/experience on project management and multiple departments management.
4. Perfect knowledge/experience on production management,5. Perfect knowledge/experience on quality management6. Good knowledge on procurement/sourcing8. Good knowledgement on TS16949, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001To be honest ,I am not perfect guy. However, I can guarantee that I can do everything better than others.Who am I ? I am a guy who can help you enterprise to be grown, who can share technology wth you , who got deep experience in Cloud Computing technology.Thats right ,We 'll see !Result-focused and business oriented Senior Information Technology Leader with over 15 years of IT management, Business & Process Management; project management and IT consulting experience in leading multinational companies of banking, manufacturing, pharmaceutical industries.I am a hands-on manager with good management vision and skills. I believe and practice life learning.I can and am willing to take challenges and perform well as I did in my previous jobs and learn more and do http://www.premed101.com/forumsbetter in the coming new job.On one hand, I am a hands-on professional that I can do every detail task by myself in financial area so that I can easily evaluate my subordonates A French Modern Wedding' knowledge and skills and give them on-the-job training;
one the other hand, I am an experienced manager that treat people management, people development, team building as daily work to meetRomantic Wedding Chocolates strategic business goals and build healthy company culture.Result-focused and business oriented Senior Information Technology Leader with over http://www.ngohq.com http://forums.e-fense.com15 years of IT management, Business & Process Management; project management and IT consulting experience in leading multinational companies of banking, manufacturing, pharmaceutical industries http://www.theattorneysforum.com .I am a hands-on manager with good management vision and skills. I believe and practice life learning.Best Wedding Flowers
I can and am willing tohttp://www.dcresource.com/forums take challenges and perform well as I did in my previous jobs and learn more and do better in the coming new job.On one hand, Glogous Wedding Wears for Children I am a hands-on professional that I can do every detail task by myself in financial area so that I can easily evaluate my subordonates' knowledge and skills and give them on-the-job training;
one the other hand, I am an experienced manager that treat people management, people development, team building as daily work to meet strategic business goals and build healthy company culture.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Strategic Management of Enterprises

I am experted in IT projects and teams management in global corp .and experienced in application and network security system deploymentmake IT planning and service run effectively . My short-term career is to be CIO in global corp , long-term career is to be vp (IT/HR/Administration) chi hair straightenerDegree: chi flat ironB.A (September 2001 to July 2005)
School: Beijing Second Foreign Language University
Major: International Economics & Trade
Major in course subject:
Main courses include: Economics, International Trade Theory and Practice, International Finance, Strategic Management of Enterprises, International Law of Commerce, Business English, WTO, International Transportation and Insurance. *half year translating experience in changxing sanxing textile,co.ltdcheap wedding gowns
* Englin host in campus radio station for 3years
*English tutor for 3years
* high skills in English and Chinese language
* strong confidence and patience
*easy-going, hard-working, self-motivated,eager achiever
*excellent analytical and problem solving skills
*strong communicational, organizational, and interpersonal skills
Career Objective:hair straighteners
To obtain a job wherecheap prom dresses I can use my English language skills to help people communicate with each other.

I believe in myself
never say never
dreams will keep me young

Familiar with accounting rules and policies

Expert in all kinds of foreign trade documents, for example invoice, draft, packing list, testing list, shipping order B/Land so onnike shox,and expert innike trainer to be a sales assitant.I used to be an assitant for 8 months and to be a docunmentation specialist for more than one year in steel industry's shipping agency.nike shoes
Career Objective:
a position as a international trade assitant or a documentation specialist or selling operation in steel field or others.More than 10 years accounting experience in global company;Familiar with US GAAP/IFRS/PRC GAAP;
ERP key user. be familiar with several kind of ERP software such like HYPERION/ACCPAC/JDE/QAD etc.;
Know well of SOX404 and internal control process;
Familiarcheap nike shoes with accounting rules and policies;
Good command of English;cheap authentic nfl jerseys
Good interpersonal communication skill, internal & externalnever grow old

Thursday, May 13, 2010

IN PICTURES: Iceland volcano

But the ash cloud continued to drift over theA journey is not a trip
Iberian peninsula, keeping airports closed in Spain and Portugal on Tuesday and causing flight

cancellations throughout Morocco and in parts ofa process of self-discovery Turkey. Delays out of Gatwick Airport in London affected transatlantic flights to the United

States, and Saudi Airlines said it had halted flights face to face with ourselvesbetween the US and Saudi Arabia, Agence France-Presse reported.European flight monitor

Eurocontrol wrote on its website thatImpossible made possible it expects approximately 29,000 flights within Europe today, which it said is "close to normal for a Tuesday

at this time of year." There were 29,155 flights on Monday. “Situation in your area is changing by the minute,” Eurocontrol said on its Twitter

page. “Keep in touch with your airportThe relentless pursuit of perfection
/ airline.”Eurocontrol is tracking multiple ash clouds from the Icelandic volcano, defined by the altitude

they inhabit. An ash cloud below 20,000 feet is roughly the same size as Europe. The cloud covers the southern half of Iceland and stretches

thousands of miles south over the Atlantic Ocean. At the southern end of the cloud, a thin arm extends east over the Strait of Gibraltar and into

Spain.Between 20,000 and 35,000 feet there are three smaller ash clouds: one southwest of Ireland, one west of Morocco, and one directly

over Spain and France.Britain’s MET office is also mapping updates on the drifting ash cloud. While Eyjafjallajokull (pronounced ay-yah-FYAH-lah-

yer-kuhl) has never stopped spewing ash since its initial April 14 eruption caused a week-long suspension of air traffic in Europe, the resulting

cloud had contained itself over the Atlantic Ocean and flights had returned to near normal until the weekend.After a weekend of flight

cancellations throughout Europe and North Africa, airports reopened Monday in Austria, Italy, ermany, Ireland, and Scotland. In Spain, 19 airports

were closed over the weekend, and all but five reopened by Tuesday. http://ozbenz.net


Dublin, IrelandPope Benedict XVI appeared to distance himself Tuesday from Vatican efforts to blame the media for the pedophile priest scandal
a world in a grain of sand
that has engulfed the Roman Catholic church, telling reporters that the greatest threat to the church has come from within. On a flight to
Whatever happens,happens for a reason
Portugal, Benedict told reporters “the greatest persecution of the church does not come from the enemies outside, but is born from sin inside

the church... the church has a profound Greater too than you can describeneed to relearn penance, to accept purification, to learn on the one hand forgiveness but also the

necessity of justice."The commentsthis world is not merely a bad joke were both the most direct and most self-critical the pope has made about a rash of reports in Europe that

priests accused of sexually abusing celebrate our independence daychildren were shuffled between dioceses by their superiors rather than being quickly defrocked.
N PICTURES: Pope BenedictFor decades, the Catholic Church had approached the problem of child abusing priests with psychological counseling

and prayer. Pope Benedict himself dealt with Father Marcial Maciel, the founder of an influential Catholic order in Mexico who had sexually

molested boys, in 2006 by ordering him to a private life of "prayer and penance."But today Benedict signaled stronger action against abusers

going forward, saying: "Forgiveness does not substitute justice.” In fact, stronger action has already begun to be taken as the pope seeks to

quell the biggest crisis to hit the church since he was elected in 2005.Bishops accused of failing to act against accused child molesters have

resigned their posts in Belgium, Ireland, and Germany, and the Vatican has moved to take over a financially powerful Legion of Christ, which was

founded by Maciel, who passed away in 2008. On May 9, Benedict accepted the resignation of conservative German Bishop Walter Mixa, who

was appointed to his post in one of Benedict's earliest actions on becoming pope. Mixa admitted to slapping children and is also under

investigation for sexual and financial misconduct.where has the effort to redress the sins of the past been greater than in Ireland. On May 6, the

Vatican accepted the resignation of Irish Bishop Joseph Duffy, who said he was aware of abuse accusations against a priest but did not inform

the police. Three other Irish bishops, named in government reports about mishandled abuse claims, have had their resignations accepted.http://www.parishchatter.co.uk